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(6 Jun 2011)  Spiral have composed and produced the music for the new Comfort commercial. The pan european spot continues along the animated theme that is employed by the brand. Have a look on 'our work' page.... more >
(7 Mar 2011)  The new Moneysupermarket ad is now being aired with the music and nemonic again provided by Spiral. The ad features David Soul and is running nationwide.... more >
(18 Jan 2011)  Check out the new Moneysupermarket and Travelsupermarket commercials running now on uk tv. Th ads feature John Prescott and Jedward and take the mnemonic from the highly successful radio campain-again sung by Abbie Osmon. A third commercial is to this space....... more >
(4 Jan 2011)  Spiral have just completed the new radio ads for Moneysupermarket. This is the 3rd in the series featuring the supermarkettes! and Omid Djali and has a new track behind it. It is also the first of the Travelsupermarket ads to be aired and follow along the same theme but with a different track. Have a listen at 'our work/radio'... more >
(1 Dec 2010)  Spiral have composed and produced the music for the new Nike womenswear viral. Go see on 'our work'... more >
(9 Nov 2010)  North Face have used a Spiral System track for a new short film. The spot by Nathan Avila features free skier Ingrid Backstrom. The music is a remix by Gaudi of the Spiral System track T.O.P. Go take a look in the 'other media' section on the 'our work' page.... more >
(11 Oct 2010)   Spiral have just had a track placed for the new Sony Playstation 3 ad for Japan. The reworked track is from our catalogue and was placed by Felt Music via their library. Check out the ad on "our work" page on our site and vist our catalogue at Felt Musics' Library( more >
(20 Aug 2010)  We have just composed and produced the music for the new Iceland curry ads which run for the next few months....... more >
(7 Jul 2010)  We've just completed the new Moneysupermarket radio commercials. The 2 scripts feature Omid Djali and the vocals of Abbie Osmon and will run for an initial 3 months on UK commercial radio stations.... more >
(15 Apr 2010)  Spiral are pleased to announce that a track from their SpiralSystem album 'In Your Dreams' is featured in the new 20th Century Fox film 'Date Night'. The film stars Mark Whalberg,Steve Carell and Tina Fey and is already a big hit stateside and is released here this weekend. The track featured is called 'ElephantDub 'and is a remix of the... more >